The choice of glue for parquet

Laying parquet on glue is a simple matter, you just need to know some aspects and nuances. But the work will be carried out practically in vain if the stackers do not pick up the correct adhesive material. The reliability of the laid parquet often depends on this.
So, in order to choose the right adhesive for parquet, you first need to know some technical details, and to know what types of parquet glue are and what to look for when choosing chemistry for parquet. Here it’s worth adding right away that buying low-quality or expired adhesive material is fraught with negative consequences, various swellings and unsticking of parquet boards.
So, you decided to put a parquet board in your room and go to the store for quality glue. When buying parquet, you need to pay attention, first of all, to the composition of the material.
Remember that due to the fact that the service life of a high-quality parquet board is about 100 or even more years, the glue should be of high quality and as environmentally friendly as possible. When we talk about the quality of glue, we mean first of all the period of hardening and elasticity in the hardened form.
Low-quality chemistry for parquet, as practice shows, some time after laying the parquet will begin to shrink, and this, in turn, is the first sign of an unpleasant "creak" of the wooden floor, about which everyone somehow has an idea.
In addition, the composition of the glue should not contain a large amount of water, as a rule, this is a sign of low cost of the adhesive coating, and hence the unreliability of the final material. Why does moisture have a harmful effect on wood? Everything is simple - because it swells under the influence of moisture, and this leads to a gradual deformation of the entire floor covering. Plus, it is worth considering that some types of wood contain various oils, which, having come into contact with water, will not allow the adhesive mass to solidify properly.
And, of course, the main requirement when choosing a quality glue is its environmental safety for humans. Epoxy adhesives, which can be bought at construction stores, in large quantities contain various chemical solvents, and they emit harmful substances, which are harmful and dangerous to breathe. Therefore, it is necessary to work with glue with the windows open. After the epoxy glue hardens, it becomes completely harmless to humans.